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Enable your employees to communicate, access their data, collaborate in real time with anyone outside of the organisation, and stay productive anywhere, at any time

Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower collaboration, quickly find information seamlessy across the organisation.

There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of collaboration and employees are on twice as many teams as they were 5 years ago. This marks a move from personal productivity to group productivity. The amount of time employees spend engaged in collaborative work – in meetings, on phone calls or answering emails – has increased exponentially. 

While companies are all unique and have their own identities, there are common trends affecting the culture of work and employees’ expectations on what a modern work environment should provide.

Employees want the ability to communicate, access their data, and stay productive anywhere, at any time.

Changes in collaboration and teamwork has driven an increased need and adoption in tools and platforms to address these changes.


The Power of Leveraging a Collaboration Platform


  • Easier and quicker access to files and information on any device even while offline
  • Reduce IT cost by having one consolidated space for organisational content
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity 
  • Improved security and file recovery through automatic backups and security policies
  • Reduce non-compliance by defining content type, classification, permissions and retention rules


Collaborate as a Team

Seamlessly build ideas, organise files, attend meetings, and collaborate with others both inside and outside your organisation

Collaborate in Real-Time

Enable real-time co-authoring with multiple team members working on a document at the same time

Information Protection

Manage access and permissions, prevent data loss and ensure security governance and compliance

How we’ve helped our customers with Collaboration Solutions

Assmang improves document compliance and governance using our HiDocs solution

Leading technology company increases employee collaboration with SharePoint

De Beers increases insights on employee engagement with Intranet Analytics

Send your organisation’s collaboration soaring with

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint enables collaborative teamwork with sites for every project team, department, and division from where files, data, news, and resources can be shared across devices and made accessible offline through OneDrive. 

Simple Sharing and Seamless Collaboration

Work with your files wherever you are – access all your files and content anywhere at any time

Share inside and outside of your organisation