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Accelerate insights by modelling rapidly and immediately have a future view of Profitability and Cashflow.

Simulate your business plans and outcomes quickly with world-class modelling. Manipulate market and operational levers and immediatly have a future view of Profitability and Cashflow.

Managing businesses and decision-making during times of crisis requires a different approach to respond to shifting dynamics on an hourly basis.

Companies need to understand rapidly the impact of various factors on their performance and develop operational plans to execute within the defined requirements.

Driving alignment and ensuring clarity across the entire organisation is a critical success factor to ensure accurate execution.

Technology is leading the way to enable organisations to successfully model their business and forecast business outcomes. Allowing organisations to deal with unexpected market fluctuations and to optimise opportunities as they present themselves.

With the current rate of change and disruption impacting every industry, leaders need to evolve their planning and modelling processes to assess the impact change on their business.


Implement Modelling Scenarios in less than a week


Create and test multiple, complex scenarios in minutes


Have a continuous view of your future actions and decisions

Increased understanding and quantifying risk to the business

Our Scenario Modelling Process

Choose the way you want to model your business 

You should be able to model your business in the same way you view it. So we make it easy for you to perform financial modeling around your fiscal calendar, academic calendar, funding schedules, revenue recognition schedules, and other business milestones.

Create models by program, department or business unit, and roll them up into a single, fully interconnected financial model for your business.

You can even choose tabular models and views for workforce planning or cube models for revenue.

Rapid Scenario Modelling

Organisations need the ability to quickly test each of these scenarios to know what needs to be done to achieve the best outcome in each.

Are you faced with the following questions and are needing to make strategic decision quickly?

  • What is the impact of changes in legislation?
  • Do we cut costs? Where and what is the overall impact?
  • Do we reduce heads? How many is enough and what can we afford?

Decision Inc.’s Scenario Modelling Accelerators have been developed for a number of industries and functions including retail, services, utilities, manufacturing and financial services. The solutions covers company wide modelling as well as department modelling capability leveraging operational drivers.

Activity Based Costing

proDacapo is a leading management system designed to empower people to deliver real improvements in performance. Providing solutions for improving the value of service delivery, proDacapo provides time-driven activity-based costing and performance management solutions.

proDacapo empowers managers to:
• develop and execute strategy,
• understand real product, service and customer profitability,
• improve business processes,
• optimise resource allocation,
• measure performance, and
• manage initiatives to deliver improved results.

proDacapo integrates easily with existing transaction processing systems, translating data into powerful management information using Balanced Scorecard, Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Process Improvement concepts.

Highly scalable with several modules that integrate in real-time and warehouse data on multiple platforms including SQL Server and Oracle. Fully web-enabled giving you the capability to access the management information you need, wherever you are.

Types of business models we support

Budgeting Expenses

Sales Planning

Workforce Planning

Forecasting Revenue

SaaS Account Modelling

Capital Planning

Our Modelling Technologies

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