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Financial Planning & Analysis

Finance Transformation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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The Role of Finance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

One of the largest areas of disruption that we see sits with the role of finance. As we have progressed from the Computing era into the Information era this has put information and its custodians at the forefront of the conversation.

The role of finance is shifting substantially away from predominantly accounting functions into information enablers. Finance users are facing significant pressure to perform faster, provide bigger insights, analyse more, predict more and guarantee certainty – a daunting task. The challenge that many teams face is how to make that transformation, where to start and how to ensure that they get it right!

Providing order in the complexity and streamlining the ways of working can help finance teams to make real future gains. A holistic approach is needed to taking each of these complex functions and bringing them into order through a streamlined and clearer process and approach to drive the change.

The world of Finance is in its largest phase of transformation since the inception of the computer


of CFO’s said they see identifying & targeting areas of new value across the business as one of their main responsibilities 


of CFO’s said it is within their purview to drive business-wide operational transformation


of time in top-performing finance functions is dedicated to data analysis and insights


of finance functions can be automated, releasing significant time to spend on proactive, higher value business tasks

How we’ve helped our customers with Financial Planning & Analysis

Reduced Planning Time by 60% in leading SA Manufacturer

Improved Operational & Financial Integration by 200% in Leading SA FMCG Company

Decreased errors and improved data integrity in leading SA Retailer

Start Your Finance Transformation Journey Today

Real-time analysis using external and internal data


Bringing Finance capability to the technology and innovation in FP&A

Bridging the gap between IT and Finance to ensure success of the initiatives

Integrated perspective of past, present & future performance

Improved business performance

Key Focus Areas for Your FP&A Journey

Transforming to continuous planning and scenario modelling cycles


Improving speed and accuracy of financial close and reporting

Leveraging AI to shorten planning cycles and improve insights

Integrating finance and operational data to drive greater insights

Planning & Scenario Modelling Cycles

Transforming to continuous planning and scenario modelling cycles

Continuous active planning changes the way that the business is able to adapt to changes in conditions and adapt to realise the planned future.

  • Evolution away from large bottom up planning cycles to agile top down driver based planning
  • Providing business with the ability to model outcomes of the business
  • Integrating planning data into every day business performance conversations


Financial Close and Reporting

Improving speed and accuracy of financial close and reporting.

  • Reducing the time it takes to provide insights to business
  • Automating processes in finance to return people to adding value

AI Driven Planning Cycles & Insights

Leveraging AI to shorten planning cycles and improve insights.

The future of FP&A goes further than integrated operational data in the value chain and AI and ML enable greater insights in the future.

  • Use AI to improve accuracy in forecasting which improves the accuracy of the planning

  • Automating insights, such as scanning financial performance and planning data to automatically detect outliers or anomalies

Integrated Financial & Operational Data

Integrating finance and operational data to drive better planning and analytics

The traditional models of financial planning being independent of operational performance is changing as customers integrate multiple sources to aid in planning.

  • Using operational data to leverage greater insights in performance
  • Using external data sets to provide substance to understanding performance
  • Providing visual ways for people to experience information in the business

Finance Technology Partners

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