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Business Process Optimisation

Automating your processes, not your problems

We’re passionate about designing and automating processes to benefit not only the bottom line but also to improve the lives of employees and the customer’s experience.

Decision Inc. sees Business Process Optimisation as a journey that continuously improves our client’s operations throughout the lifecycle of their organisation.

In today’s world the only constant is change and with business agility being restricted by poor business processes, it is vital for companies to continuously evaluate the way they operate and adapt.

We combine the following services into an end-to-end Business Process Optimisation offering which allows us to not only critically evaluate business problems and design subsequent solutions but also to execute the solution and continuously monitor and optimise it to ensure that the business is agile enough to adapt as result of change:


Business Process Engineering

Business Analysis & Reporting

Business Process Automation

How We Achieve This

Decision Inc. employs the following continuous improvement framework across these service offerings when embarking on a Business Process Optimisation journey with our clients:


During the modelling phase current processes are mapped out in a readable format for easier analysis


During analysis current business processes are analysed and evaluated for improvement and automation


Processes are re-designed to ensure that recommended automation solutions provide the desired efficiencies required by the client

Solution Design

Based on the client’s optimised to-be process the solution best suited for the client’s needs is designed


Once the recommended solution has been designed it is implemented and the relevant processes are automated through technologies including business process management platforms and robotics process automation


Once a solution has been implemented it is critical to continuously monitor the solution to identify potential inefficiencies that could arise from business or regulatory changes


If business or regulatory changes result in new inefficiencies and the processes have been continuously monitored, it allows for processes to be optimised as and when new inefficiencies arise

Business Processes Engineering

Through Business Process Engineering, Decision Inc. consultants analyse, model and critically evaluate a business’ processes and workflow. This allows Decision Inc. to identify inefficiencies in the current business processes and which processes could potentially re-engineered and automated.

This is a critical part of evaluating business processes for Digital Transformation as one of the common pitfalls is taking a current process and attempting to automate it without identifying the current inefficiencies or process issues. If a process is currently inefficient and it is not re-engineered for efficiency, automation will just lead to automating the inefficiencies.

Business Analysis