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Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS)

A Managed Analytics Platform from Decision Inc.

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Change how you experience and transform analytics in your business

Building an Analytics Centre of Excellence, creating an Analytics program that drives adoption and helps business to leverage data more effectively.

This can be done through a subscription based pricing model that removes the upfront costs.

Creating a new way of building, running and improving analytics in your business. Establish a CoE focus on insights not technical complexities

Reduce the cost of analytics by leveraging your own Centre of Excellence as well as funding model for your technology

Supported by Data Architects, ML and AI experts. Reducing the complexity of maintaining the skills

The experience from our 500 clients is continuously distilled into new ways to visualise, analyse and predict in your business


Our work with customers over the last 10 years has consistently helped them deliver real value to business


Reduction in time taken to prepare executive market share reports for global retailer by using analytics platform


Return for services client after 3.4 months of using consolidated data platform and reporting tools


Increase in reporting platform performance for a national group of private hospitals


Increase in team productivity for global bank after utilising regulatory reporting platform

Rethinking the Analytics Service Model

Enabling your business to thrive

By applying industry and functional experience we ensure you have the latest capabilities in Visualisation, Predictive Analytics, ML and AI. No need for you to source and develop all these skills yourself.

Improved customer interaction and experience

Building a digital workplace with improved efficiency and collaboration

Optimise the operations through insights and automation

Harness the power of data by increasing analytics capability and adding AI and ML

Transform decision-making, backed by real numbers

Enable innovation in how the business operates and uses technology

This solution is a change in not only the costing model but also the Organisational Capability Model

By changing the commercial model of how companies invest in their technology platforms and applying Decision Inc.’s Continuous Improvement and Analytics as a Service Offering clients are able to provide real scale in their analytical ability and business performance

Data Analytics as Service Offering

Change to the cost Model

Shifting from Capex to Opex

Knowledge Marketplace

The Knowledge Marketplace provides access to content, skills and solutions

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement to drive change and impact

Analytics Program

Providing a structured approach to analytics execution

Key Benefits

No upfront costs

The service is billed as a monthly subscription to remove the need for upfront capital costs of a traditional development project

Progress the use of Cloud

Move your environment to the Cloud or to a hosted server which we will set, and administer for you

Visibility to data quality and process

A Dashboard of data loads and data quality to promote trust in the answer

Continuous improvement to models and data

Ongoing continuous improvement in the analytics platform as well as business capabilities

Predefined models and data structures that is customisable

Decision Inc. has industry and business function analytics models that allows for rapid implementation and instant access to analytics IP such as KPIs and measures that should be used

Enable AI and ML

Use our experience to progress your data platform to an AI ready state. Integration of R or using tools such as DataRobot

The Process

Data Architect designs server and model infrastructure


Data / Cloud Architect reviews environment and designs data platform, cloud strategy and governance

BI Developers refresh existing models and update visualisation with latest components


Data Scientists identify use cases and build AI and predictive models

Support desk monitors data loads and models ongoing to proactively fix failures

Literacy program implemented for Data and analytics run to increase users’ capabilities

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