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What Makes a Great Data Partner - How Decision Inc. Australia Can Help

Getting started with any major project can be daunting, especially where there is unfamiliarity. Even if you have people who have some experience in that space, it’s a good idea to look for talented partners. You are an expert in your own industry; however, a good partner will bring an expert outsider element and a fresh point of view to the equation.

In this series of conversations, Client Partner Mark Monfort takes us through what makes a great client partner.

In this first video, we look at what makes a good data partner, that they should have multiple service offerings and how a global firm can leverage capabilities in your region that come from best practices overseas. Having an ability to showcase interactive and hands-on demonstrations is something that should be more highly valued than those that showcase studies.

In this next video, Mark talks about how consultants can give clients comfort and guidance over their investment in data and technology.

This video covers industry solutions, how to build them out for specific industries and how having experienced personnel can help, not only by introducing new technology and skills but also by offering an outsider point of view.

Finally, Mark talks about Decision Inc. Australia as it is now and his time working with them when they were known as ABM Systems. While DI Australia is a brand new company, it has 20 years of history in the Australian market.

That’s a wrap! We hope you’ve enjoyed this 4 week series of videos from Mark.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you with your data challenges, feel free to reach out. Mark and the team have more webinars, talks and blogs coming out on the cool and wonderful things we’re doing with some of the newest tools in the market.

If you’re just getting started with data analytics and want to learn about Power BI or Qlik we are here to help. If we already have some knowledge and skills when it comes to data and analytics and want guidance with data science and machine learning, our team can help you.

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