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How Manufacturers Can Embrace The New Digital Finance Era Using Extended Planning & Analysis



Title: How manufacturers can embrace the new digital finance era using extended planning & analysis

Type: Live Webinar

When: 11.00 AM AEST, Wednesday 21 April 2021

Duration: 45 mins + Q&A


To remain competitive in today’s turbulent markets, manufacturing organisations must drive digital transformation. To achieve resiliency, efficiency and visibility, disparate spreadsheets, standalone systems, and disconnected point-to-point solutions must be replaced with a coherent, standardised, integrated approach.

The Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) process provides finance teams with a structured approach to financial budgeting, planning, forecasting, and reporting. Enabling senior management to make strategic decisions. The challenge is that FP&A only offers a financial perspective, ignoring the activities and plans of other areas that contribute to the bottom-line.

Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) – an emerging trend identified by Gartner – enables business leaders to consolidate forecasts and performance metrics from across the entire organisation. Given many manufacturers derive competitive advantage from the efficiencies they have in their processes, xP&A can enable you to scale that advantage across the entire organisation. You can integrate information from various operational business areas into a holistic view of the business. This, in turn, drives better decisions.

What you can expect

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Challenges facing Manufacturers in the Planning Process
  • Why Financial Planning & Analysis is just not enough
  • What is Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A)
  • Where you rank in the the xP&A Maturity Curve & how you progress
  • How technology enables this move


Your Speakers

Tim Rosser

FP&A Practice Lead
Decision Inc. Australia

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Allan Saffy

Managing Executive
Decision Inc. South Africa

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