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Building A Data-Driven Culture

The Right Data Capability + Data Competency + Data Cloud Service



Title: Building A Data-Driven Culture

Type: Live Webinar

When: 12.00 noon AEST, Wednesday 21 July 2021

Duration: 40 mins + Q&A


Companies have taken advantage of Dashboard and Analytics capabilities for the masses. The Industry talks about the opportunity for AI, ML and Predictive Analytics; however, many companies are still grappling with fundamentals.

How do you move beyond superficial Dashboarding to an organisational capability of Data-Driven Decision-Making? Listen to Decision Inc. experts in our field of Data and Analytics talk about our approach to unlock the value of data and optimise decision-making.

The Right Data Capability: Trust in data and quality data-driven decisions are not happening. How do you move beyond a data strategy to an operational capability?

The Right Data Competency: Understanding data in everyday decisions through a strong data culture is absent. What change program is needed to ensure your teams are ready?

The Right Data Cloud Service: There is a multitude of cloud and analytics offers. Which one is best for your business today and for the future?

What you can expect

Brad Shields and Matt Cunneen, Industry Leads at Decision Inc., will talk about our Industry-led approach to understanding your business, developing the Data Strategy, creating and executing the plan utilising the right Cloud Platform, and ensuring your people are ready and capitalise on Data-Driven Decision-Making.


Your Speakers

Matthew Cunneen

Banking/Financial Services Director

Connect with Matt via LinkedIn

Brad Shields

Insurance Director

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