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Traps to Avoid in your Data Roadmap

This week’s series of podcasts focus on the traps to avoid when you’re building dashboards and some other lessons. Beginning with this first clip, Mark opens up about some of the mistakes he first made when he got started. He shares these in the hope others can avoid making the same mistakes.  

He talks about the trap of overplanning. You need to think about a lean and agile approach to building any dashboards, focusing on MVPs (minimum viable products) and iterating once you get customer feedback. There is no point going too far down the rabbit hole without knowing what the customer is really after, and lets face it, they might not even know what they want/need from their analytics solution until they see it.

This next video is about the limitations of Excel and how incremental and continuous improvements are the way out of the doldrums of software and skill limitations. 

Finally, Mark refers to his favourite book, “Principles” by Ray Dalio and how his work and life principles can help you reach your goals. In the book, Ray talks about losing everything and the lessons that led to him implementing systems in life that can lead to success. This includes surrounding yourself with people who have complementary skills. This is something important to think about when we consider how we form teams in the office or on projects. 

Next week we wrap up this series with discussions about what makes a great data partner. Stay tuned!

Read the other blogs in this series, see links below.


Mark Monfort
Client Partner
Decision Inc. Australia

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