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The Journey to Modern Finance Survey

Is your FP&A organisation actively committed to innovation?

Innovation is needed to drive better insights into the business. It can accelerate the provision of accurate management information, and improve the robustness and dependability of decision-making. If your FP&A organisation have an active culture of innovation, make time for innovationand reward innovative ideas, you will see an increase in productivity for the finance function. 

At Decision Inc. Australia – formerly ABM Systems, we believe that the following finance areas will add the most value in the future: 

  • Data and analytics information management 
  • Analytics supported by a robust data and process management environment 
  • Systems and technology enhancements 
  • Integrated systems which enable crossfunctional work teams 
  • Finance Process Automation 
  • Culture development 
  • Training and development of key skills 

We are always working towards innovative solutions to address our clients’ challenges and requirements.  

We are launching a new survey to find out our clients’ changing needs and priorities.

Your feedback on our Modern Finance Survey will help us focus on providing information and content that is relevant and valuable to you. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

Want to know how you perform compared to your peers?

We will analyse the results and share the detailed findings with you 

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