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Intelligent Automotive Guide

REIMAGINE YOUR DIGITAL FUTURE with Intelligent Automotive

Intelligent automotive is the future for all auto industries

The automotive industry is being reshaped by a number of forces. Technology advancement and Industry 4.0 has fundamentally changed the automobile from purely mechanical engineering into a fully connected machine. This has ushered in a desire for new driving experiences and business models. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have had to rethink the way they design and manufacture vehicles from the ground up. Augmenting their capabilities across their organisation from supply chain and production frontline to R&D and sales.

Dealerships must adjust to new expectations around shopping and ownership, ensuring they can meet potential customers with personalised engagement on every channel. Underpinning all of this is the increasing value of data. Intelligent automation and connectivity to deliver real-time insights that transform the way companies operate and innovate to enable the next generation of sustainable mobility.

There are five digital transformation imperatives for the automotive industry:

  1. Resilient Operations: Connecting the entirety of the enterprise with relevant data to drive continuous improvement through a digital feedback loop.
  2. Differentiated Customer Experience: Capturing insights from across channels to gain a single view of customers and drive personalised experiences.
  3. Emerging Mobility Services: Using location intelligence to develop new products and services for large fleets of commercial vehicles and urban mobility services.
  4. Accelerate Vehicle Innovation: Modernising the in-vehicle experience with location intelligence and virtual assistants; making vehicles future-proof with remote updates
  5. Increased Organisation Productivity: Combining real-world data with cloud-based simulations to safely develop, test, and deploy autonomous technology at scale.

Intelligent Automotive enterprise will empower you to increase the value of your data. It will provide you with intelligent automation and connectivity to deliver real-time insights. Ultimately transform the way companies operate and innovate to enable the next generation of sustainable mobility.

In our intelligent automotive guide you will find out how to digitally transform your organisation to be more innovative, provide a better digital experience to your clients as well as drive operational efficiencies.

This guide will discuss:

  • Marketplace forces impacting the auto industry
  • Digital transformation journeys within the auto industry
  • Automotive transformation
  • Much more!

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