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Analyze. Simulate. Plan.

Spark your business imagination.

Business Intelligence

Explore your data, run effective analysis, build interactive dashboards, and create impactful reports.

Combine business user self-service with enterprise-wide data governance.

Performance Management

Link the insight provided by Business Intelligence to the planning and control cycles of the enterprise.

Easily implement planning solutions, profitability applications, and scorecards to effectively align performance with corporate strategic objectives.

Advanced Analytics

Automate the building of sophisticated data mining and predictive models.

Drive better decision-making through more meaningful and forward-looking insights from your data.


A single platform for all business needs. And yours too.

Choose the all-in-one approach to make better decisions and satisfy every business need.

Board solutions by Department

Board is helping leading organisations worldwide to make better business decisions through a unified approach to analysis, simulation, and planning. The Toolkit nature of the platform offers a level of customization that meets the needs of individual departments while offering the possibility to integrate department-based applications with enterprise-wide data and processes, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Discover how Board fits the needs of any Industry

Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Analytics – All in One

Different industries have different KPIs, business drivers, challenges, and processes, but they all share the same need for operational intelligence tools which can help them to uncover insights from data, reduce manual and repetitive tasks, and ultimately gain competitive advantage through better business decisions.

Board Pre-built Applications

The Board offering is enriched by a suite of pre-built applications, which cover a set of key decision-making processes that are standardized across different industries and organizations. These apps allow you to quickly implement “out of the box” solutions that are fully integrated with your Board environment.


Move into the new era of decision-making.

Analyze, simulate, plan, forecast, and create, in one single platform.

The key advantages of Board

Eliminate spreadsheets and legacy applications that were not designed to address the complex requirements of global enterprises.


Each Board component has been designed to guarantee maximum development speed with high performance.


Search for information, interact with data, and perform in-depth analyses with maximum simplicity.

User self-sufficiency

Develop and maintain sophisticated planning applications quickly and with minimal support.


Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Analytics, and Data Discovery in a single platform.


Unrivalled agility in application building, customization, and maintenance, offering a “Total Cost of Ownership” that is unachievable with traditional solutions.

Build once and deploy everywhere

Board’s responsive technology: anywhere on all devices.

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