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CFO Indicator Report

Big Data, Better Vision: The Agile CFO

The Agile CFO

CFO Report – Agile CFO need to learn how to use scenario modeling to navigate rocky markets.

As CFOs take on a broader, strategic role in the organisation, they are faced with both challenges and opportunities in the form of big data. Big data is impacting every aspect of business today, with the sheer volume, sources, and veracity demands of data continuing to increase. But it is big data’s potential that is charting the course for strategic CFOs. As they respond in real time to macroeconomic, industry, and competitive issues, strategic CFOs have the opportunity to harness the power of data and analytics, developing a level of agility not previously possible.

How are CFOs using data and analytics to drive corporate performance? How are they responding in a turbulent economy? And what technologies will they use to manage their business?

CFOs believe having technical and analytical skills is the most beneficial attribute to their performance. When looking for ways to support strategic finance activities, the new technologies with the most promise are dashboards and analytics underscoring the CFO’s role in developing, reporting, and sharing business-critical information across the organisation.

56% of CFOs will invest in dashboards & analytics technologies

There’s the average CFO, and then there’s the Agile CFO. In this report, you’ll get insights from finance leaders about how they leverage scenario modeling to overcome the hurdles facing their organization.

You’ll learn:

  • Why scenario modeling is now required to manage ever-increasing regulatory burdens
  • How modeling multiple scenarios helps drive CFO confidence
  • The shifting role of the Agile CFO

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