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Accelerating Insights through
Augmented Analytics

Qlik Analytics Tour Online 2020

Accelerating Insights Through Augmented Analytics 

Webinar Synopsis

Are you ready to supercharge business value through data? Have you been looking for the analytics’ equivalent of night vision goggles – helping you to see and action what others can’t?  

Join us for an online masterclass on how to Accelerate Insights Through Augmented Analytics at the Qlik Analytics Tour Online. We’ll explore the latest and most advanced approaches in data analytics. We’ll zero in on the power of AI everywhere for everyone and demonstrate the value your organisation can glean from embedded analytics at the point of decision-making.

Through a series of typical use cases, we’ll bring to life Qlik’s Data Analytics platform. You’ll leave with enhanced vision – empowering you to make faster, smarter critical decisions.

Join us to:

  • See for yourself the latest approaches and techniques you can use to get to actionable insights fast
  • See the powerful AI capability in action
  • Hear from customers who are already seeing incredible results

What are you waiting for? Register today.

* Please note this is an end-user event only. If you are a reseller or partner wishing to participate please reach out to your account manager for sponsorship options.

Your Speakers

Paul Leahy

Country Manager ANZ

Josh Good

Vice President, Product Marketing Data Analytics

Denise LaForgia

Director of Product Marketing

Nicholas Bell

Group CEO
Decision Inc.

Greg Clarke

Decision Inc. Australia

Brad Shields

Practice Lead – Business Intelligence
Decision Inc. Australia

Matthew Cunneen

Practice Lead –  Data Analytics
Decision Inc. Australia

Kieran O’Reilly

Data Engineering Manager
Teachers Mutual Bank Limited


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