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Dynamics 365
Healthcare Accelerator

Healthcare solution build using HL7 & FHIR data model specifications.

The Healthcare Accelerator optimise various aspects of care coordination and segment patients and providers based on EMR data. Manage care continuum of all patients by leveraging the entire customer-engagement solution within Dynamics 365.

Appointments (EMR)



Care plans


Medication requests




Allergy Intolerances

Episodes of care


Risk assesments

Patient & Practitioner 360

The ability to see EMR data directly within a patient or practitioner-specific form in Dynamics. The data model has been built to allow for Appointment, Procedure, Medication, and other patients/practitioner data can be seen directly in context in an extremely user-friendly interface.

Patient & Provider Timeline

Included with the Dynamics Health 365 Accelerator is a built-in patient/provider timeline which displays a sequential view of all activities that have occurred with the patient or provider. The timeline provides the ability to scale leveraging a slider and allows for the user to interact with data directly within the timeline.

Care Team Viewer

A clear view of who is responsible for the various facets of care within a patient’s care team is paramount. Therefore, within the Dynamics Health 365 Accelerator, there is a clear and concise care team viewer that allows users to have a visual of who’s responsible for the patient’s care.


Pre-built entities