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Data will
change life
in the future

Our business at Decision Inc. is Data.

Data is in our DNA. Data is hardwired into Decision Inc.’s Purpose and Vision.

Our Purpose:

We make ‘great’ happen from data.

Our Vision:

To create profound social, organisational, and personal change from data insight.

In the latest video blog, Aiden Heke – CEO, and Matt Cunneen – Banking/Financial Services Director at Decision Inc. Australia, discussed the importance of Purpose and Vision in life and business. We need to consider the bigger picture and our ability to impact change. Integrated into our hiring processes, reward, community activities, and underpinned by the traits and values of our company, we believe that data will become part of our culture. It will change life in the future.

That is a tremendous ambition, but it is surprisingly easy to bring to life if we get it right when you boil it down. The Decision Inc. Australia team recently met to discuss our Purpose and Vision. We shared our stories about ourselves, our friends and family, and the people we have heard about that have seen a profound change from data insight.

Get in touch with Matt or myself to discuss data and its role in your company culture.

Kind regards,

Aiden Heke
CEO Australia
Decision Inc. Australia

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