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Modern analytics started right here. Ride the next wave with Qlik Sense.

Stay ahead in your industry and on top of your budget. Adopting next-generation analytics capabilities has never been easier.  

Its a new era with new demands. Extending BI for new projects and use cases is key. Giving users access to self-service tools is expected. Analysing all data is a must, and using AI is an advantage.   

The Analytics Modernisation Program increases choice and lowers friction for new and existing customers. The Analytics Modernization Program enables customers to deploy exclusively in Qlik’s cloud, providing ease of management and a lower TCO. You can also deploy onpremise or within private cloud based on your governance needs and data requirements, with the option of adding our Qlik Data Analytics as a Service to benefit from Qlik’s unique multi-cloud architecture. 

Watch this brief video to find out more.

Upgrading to Qlik Sense is easy; you can do it all without disrupting your QlikView environment. And we are here to help you deploy a simple, cost-effective solution to embrace next-generation BI: 

  • Adopt Qlik Sense®, the pioneering platform, at your own pace
  • Expand your analytics possibilities by implementing new use cases and capabilities 
  • Reduce the TCO of your analytics solutions 

You can try Qlik Sense® for free. Experience Qlik’s modern analytics platform and see how you can consume QlikView apps in Qlik Sense today in the cloud. 

  • Easily associate multiple data sources 
  • Drag-and-drop your data to create fully interactive analytics apps 
  • Get AI-generated insight suggestions, automatically 
  • Share and co-author with your group or team in a governable environment 
  • Schedule automated data refreshes 

Sign up for a free 30-day trial and find out for yourself how leverage you QlikView investment to accelerate next-generation BI Adoption.

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