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Sharpen your market segmentation strategies, reduce claims fraud and strengthen underwriting and risk management

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Our insurance solutions help you to capitalise on technology to sharpen your market segmentation strategies, reduce claims fraud and strengthen underwriting and risk management

Decision Inc. Australia has a wide range of experience working with all sizes and types of insurers, working with small commercial brokerages, large wholesalers, bank insurers and insurance regulators. In these organisations, we have implemented solutions across the following functional areas:

  • Policy Management
  • Underwriting
  • Claims and Payments
  • Billings & Collections

Know your policy holders

Use advanced analytics and visualisations to understand your policy holders and their propensity to renew. Develop an understanding of when your customers would be keen to increase or diversify their coverage.

Understand Claims

Unleash the value associated with your claims data to allow all stakeholders to understand the claims management pathway. Improve your decisions across the claims process, identify recoverable losses and potentially fraudulent claims. Provide secure information to all areas of the business, allow individuals to benchmark their cohort of claims, and provide benchmarking analysis on the NLR across your portfolio.

Analyse underwriting trends

Give department managers and staff access to underwriting information. Respond to inquiries about pending policy applications, analyse underwriting trends, and verify that approval came from the right parties.

Get a year-on-year trend perspective

Explore revenues, expenses, and budgets in one location. Historical trends lead to more informed planning and decision making.

Integrate the forecast and risk process

Leverage real-time data on financial and performance metrics when building the next forecast. Inform key stakeholders with budget details at key milestones in the process, and integrate the forecast into your APRA reporting. Develop and display risk metrics across your business to allow for transparency in risk.

Improve collaboration and communication

Design and deploy automated workflows for your external stakeholders using our graphical workflow tool, collect information on the underwriting, policy renewal or claims process with a simple and flexible approach.

Digital claims journey

Replace clunky PDF forms and embed electronic forms to websites and portals that can directly feed into your claims management system.

Get customer input and decisions by integrating email responses into the claims process.

Policy renewal

Comply with regulation and engage customers by automatically sending a copy of the policy for digital signature without human intervention annually.

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