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On-demand Webinar

How to advance your Data Analytics Maturity

Key steps to take you to the next level


27 October 2021 | 11:00 AM AUS TIME


Title: How to advance your Data Analytics Maturity: Key steps to take you to the next level


Today’s most successful organisations are utilising data to drive accelerated growth. They are each on a journey towards greater data maturity, increasing the value of their data and deepening their insights as they go. However, the rapid growth of analytic solutions has not successfully transformed every business into a data-driven powerhouse – yet. So how can you ensure the route you take to AI maturity is a successful one?

As with any endeavor, your company will face obstacles as you strive to transform into a data-driven organisation. To succeed, it’s important to evaluate where you are today, the challenges that lie ahead, and what exactly “ahead” means for you and your team.

In this webinar you will gain insights into;

    • The importance of advancing your analytics maturity,
    • learning how to assess if your technology investment is working for you,
    • and how to transform your organisation into a data-driven enterprise with Decision Inc.’s Analytics Maturity Value Assessment

By attending this webinar you will also have the opportunity to attend a free and personalised analytics maturity value assessment session to understand where you are in your journey and key actions to take you to the next level.

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What you can expect

Join us on the 27th October to learn about:

    • Insights from our value assessment
    • Understanding your organisation’s maturity
    • Taking your analytics to the next level
    • Running the Analytics Maturity Value Assessment with your organisation


Reghard van Jaarsveld

Business Manager: Data, Information & Analytics
Decision Inc.

Tony Butler

Sales & GTM Director

Decision Inc. AUS