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How Ocean & Earth Transformed Operations and Gained Competitive Advantage

Decision Inc. Australia customer Ocean & Earth recently spoke about the real-life business benefits QlikSense has brought to their business. 

“I think data is important, every business. If you don’t have live accurate data, you’re never going to be positioned to make the right decisions.”

– Phil Macdonald, CEO, Ocean & Earth

“The challenge is not getting lost in the detail. One thing that QlikSense has provided us with is a tool that enables us to cut through a lot of the details but provide something that’s nice and clear and easy to use on screens and it’s been a revelation.”

– Ross O’Connell, CFO, Ocean & Earth

Riding a wave of success, a Case Study

Transforming operations to gain competitive advantage


Australian surf accessory company Ocean & Earth has grown organically over the last 40 years and now uses many channels to sell its wide product range to more than 15 countries. This generates a wealth of data, but the company could not display it in a clear and usable format.


With the help of their technology partner Decision Inc, Ocean & Earth replaced Excel with Qlik Sense. Ocean& Earth now use live data to compare sales, product and location performance against KPIs and to forecast and monitor stock levels. The aim of the solution was to gain insights from data to better support sales teams and find new ways to penetrate the market.


With Qlik Sense, Ocean & Earth can connect data across its different channels into a complete picture of its operations. This enables it to boost customer service by ensuring that it always has sufficient stock in store. With clear on-screen views, sales insights allow it to make strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

“For me, it’s getting the data but then it’s connecting the data across the different channels and the different parts of the business to have a full view. We’re giving ourselves the best possible position to make the best decisions moving forward.”

– Phil Macdonald, CEO, Ocean & Earth

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