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How Decision Inc. Australia can accelerate your transformation

A name change can be purely cosmetic, but this is much more

After 23 years as ABM Systems, we are changing our name. Wow! From now on, we will be trading as Decision Inc. Australia.  A name change can be purely cosmetic, but this is much more.

The Past

While we often said ABM stands for “Advancing Business Management”, the acronym goes back to our history with activity-based management and costing methodologies.  Over the years we’ve added business intelligence and data analytics, financial planning and other digital services.  As Decision Inc, we’ve clarified our purpose: We work with our clients to leverage technology and information to transform their business into Intelligent Enterprises.  We do this by helping them use technology platforms to redesign their modern workplace and put data-driven decision-making at the heart of the operating model.

The pace of change is accelerating and it applies to us as much as anyone.


DI’s group CEO, Nicholas Bell, likes to remind us that we are in the fourth industrial revolution.  The first three were driven by steam, electricity and automation.  Fourth era technologies depend on intelligence and intelligently integrating technologies.  This revolution is transforming every organisation into a technology business.  Those that don’t transform will face a very uncertain future.  Our mission is to assist this transformation and unleash the potential that already exists in every organisation.

In addition to our traditional strengths in Data & Analytics and Financial Planning and Analysis, our new scale and global reach allow us to deliver projects and technology to improve Customer Engagement with better CRM and related processes. We can streamline or automate almost any process with smarter forms, improved workflow and Robotic Process Automation that frees knowledge workers from repetitive tasks.  We’ve had a User Experience component as part of our business intelligence dashboards for years now, but this is a key plank of Digital Transformation.

While we seek to aid you in your digital transformation, we are going through our own, right here.  The Australian staff are now part of a global team with access to the shared knowledge base of past projects and learnings from around the world.  We are using our technology to form teams that include the best talent, regardless of where they live.  And that’s just the beginning.


It’s not all about technology either.  Our business transformation revolves around our values: passion, vision, collaboration, community, integrity and being personal.  We have the passion to make our business transformation work and a passion for yours too. The last of these values acknowledges the personal connection baked into our, “skills transfer and rollout”.

Together, these shared values also help bring the Decision Inc. group closer together.

I look forward to meeting with our customers and suppliers (in person or online) to discuss how these changes to an old business give us new relevance.

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