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Embrace This Catalyst Moment to Drive Change

Using catalyst moments to drive change isn’t easy, but sometimes we have no choice. We can either push away from the need to change, or we can embrace it.

In these short clips, Mark Monfort, Client Partner, Decision Inc. Australia, talks about how to use this catalyst moment to embrace and drive change in your organisation. This year has shaken up business, the economy and the entire world. It has been the ultimate test of resilience and adaptability, so why not embrace the change and transform your business now so that it can thrive going forward.

At Decision Inc. Australia, we facilitate this by using best-of-breed data and technology tools to transform businesses. In this series, we respond to the phenomena of working from home. We’ve never had so many people working remotely, and we now have a greater need to make data interactive as we can no longer meet face-to-face multiple times a day to discuss projects and insights. We need to create opportunities and activities to drive positive change and capture the knowledge and expertise of our workforce.

We debunk the myth that getting started is hard. There is a requirement for reliable infrastructure to be in place, not just hardware and software, but the right people as well. Companies, big or small, need actionable insights, and it can level the playing field as innovations in the world of technology continue to make access to analytics achievable for more organisations, regardless of size.

We also talk about how companies can get started and what they should think about when they’re looking at tools to use.

We hope you enjoy this series and the upcoming talks we have planned over the coming weeks as we share our knowledge and insights into the world of data and analytics.

Read the other blogs in this series, see links below.


Mark Monfort
Client Partner
Decision Inc. Australia

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