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Data without Purpose is… well… just data.
CEO, Nick Bell, Decision inc.
7 June, 2021

Aiden Heke, Chief Executive Officer, Decision Inc. Australia

Our business at Decision Inc. is Data. If Malcolm Gladwell wished for a place to make small talk about data, our office would be right up his street. With data and our clients at heart, we marvel at the social good and bad that arises from data, and we think about the art of the possible with data. We think about data as an opportunity. We should always consider the Purpose of Data in all of its dimensions.

Data is in our DNA. Data is hardwired into Decision Inc.’s Purpose and Vision.

Our Purpose: We make ‘great’ happen from data.

Our Vision: To create profound social, organisational, and personal change from data insight.

That is a tremendous ambition, but it is surprisingly easy to bring to life if we get it right when you boil it down. The Decision Inc. Australia team recently met to discuss our Purpose and Vision. We shared our stories about ourselves, our friends and family, and the people we have heard about that have seen a profound change from data insight.

Let’s pick a topic close to everyone – COVID-19. For those of you who know me well, I am a fitness freak that believes any modern ailment can be cured by an hour, or three, on a bike. However, the joy of modern technology means we have fitness telemetry at our fingertips that would make a 1960’s Olympic cyclist coach cry. 

Fitness platform Whoop released a PodCast on their findings from their members after they took the COVID vaccinations. They discussed how to use physiological data points to measure vaccination impacts. I want to highlight some key findings:

    • Single-dose and second dose treatments have much the same impacts on our body.
    • Most vaccinated people see a 10% performance reduction in Heart Rate Variability, Resting Heart Rate and Recovery for 24 to 36 hours. So think mild hangover for those of us that indulge.
    • Younger people suffer more. Perhaps because of more robust immune systems fighting the vaccination.

The big takeaway is herd immunity will be hard as the virus mutates, and anyone opting out is only making it harder for everyone. On the other hand, we may well live in a world where COVID-19 boosters each year is a way of life. We use this example because the Purpose is clear. It is in everyone’s best interests to be aware of the long-term impacts of the vaccination. The data is now of sufficient scale and depth and supports some of the biggest questions and concerns about the vaccination program. I don’t think anyone can argue the impact will be profound, one way or the other.

Another example is a little closer to home. Malcolm Gladwell provided a keynote speech to QlikWorld recently. One example he offered was refuting the idea that smaller class sizes equated to superior student performance. What I found most interesting was the potential impact of his research. The USA spent millions of dollars to add more teachers with lower wages to the education system. This reform potentially dilutes teaching as a desirable profession and fundamentally cannot get the best out of the students.

Now I have a challenge for you – Has data in some way, shape or form had an impact on your life? Have you made the most of the data available to achieve your Purpose or your companies’ ambition? If not, could you? 

The impact could be profound.

Kind regards,

Aiden Heke
CEO Australia
Decision Inc. Australia

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