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Cloud Data & Analytics Tour 2021

Driving Action with
Modern Cloud Analytics


Ready to steer your business towards data-informed growth?

Our Cloud Data & Analytics Tour is the perfect place to start your journey.

We’ll dive into the latest trends in modern data analytics, demonstrate an array of real use cases and show how to drive deep insights with action from your data. We will provide you with pragmatic advice on operating in a Cloud-first environment, enabling you to deliver value from being data-driven rapidly.

Join us to:

  • Move beyond superficial Dashboarding to an organisational capability of Data-Driven Decision-Making. Listen to Qlik and Decision Inc. experts in our field of Data and Analytics talk about our approach to unlock the value of data and optimise decision-making.
  1. The Right Data Capability: Trust in data and quality data-driven decisions. 
  2. The Right Data Competency: Understanding data in everyday decisions through a strong data culture.
  3. The Right Data Cloud Service: There is a multitude of cloud and analytics offers.
  • Hear from Decision Inc. customer Ocean & Earth on how to:
  1. Transform access to key information within the business by implementing Qlik Sense
  2. Seize business moments, through informed action
  3. Access to valuable insights to give the company a competitive advantage in the surf industry
  • Navigate a path to cloud for your analytics
  • Discover how to launch, scale and get remarkable results from your cloud analytics faster
  • Learn about Qlik’s real-time data integration capabilities ― enabling you to connect to different data sources
  • See first-hand previews of exciting new Qlik features

Don’t miss out. Watch today!

Featured Keynotes

Aiden Heke

Decision Inc. Australia

Josh Good

Vice President, Product Marketing Data Analytics

Ross O'Connell

Chief Financial Officer
Ocean & Earth

Brad Shields

Insurance Industry & DIA Practice Lead
Decision Inc. Australia

Matt Cunneen

FSI Industry Director & DIA Practice Lead
Decision Inc. Australia

Vincenzo Esposito

Master Principal Enterprise Architect