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Building A Data Strategy, Best Practices

In this week’s series of insights, we look at the best practices you need to be mindful of when building out your data strategy.

Firstly, we believe that no matter the size of the organisation, or whether the use case is internal or external, the approach should be the same. You will need to ask a basic set of questions, why, how, who, and be prepared to be agile when you create solutions.

Data needs to be at the centre of your business and Decision Inc. Australia embraces a solution-agnostic approach giving us a greater ability to find the right solution for each client. We believe that it’s not a matter of “man vs machine” with technology and data, but rather it is “man and machine. It’s important to work together.
Even small companies can get started if they put in the time – they don’t need a lot of money to get started.
In conclusion, here are a few of the key principles that have helped Mark throughout his career and they have helped his clients as well. Keeping things simple and making sure you really understand the problems you’re trying to solve before diving in are key.

We hope you enjoy this series and the upcoming talks we have planned over the coming weeks as we share our knowledge and insights into the world of data and analytics.


Mark Monfort
Client Partner
Decision Inc. Australia

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