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Building A Data Driven Business
Azure analytics Challenge


Decision Inc. helps companies become Data Driven Businesses that are fit to take on the challenges of a digital world.

More often than not the answers can be found in your own data, but how do you find it? And next, how do you make sense of it all? If you’re unable to make heads or tails of your data, don’t worry: you aren’t alone.

We’ve crunched the numbers using our own analytics maturity assessment which helps our clients identify areas for improvement within their analytics environment. Some of the key insights from the maturity assessment include:



of respondents believe that they are not living up to their analytics potential


of companies have increased their investment in the last year


of companies see value from data investments


of the companies have invested in a formal data literacy programme


of those above are investing in creating new business value


of those above believe that data can be used as a competitive tool.


of those companies believe that they have a data driven culture

It’s not a coincidence that we’re citing data to prove our point. Data is everywhere and its incumbent on businesses to build it into their BAU and most importantly Data informs. It tells us the direction of the headwinds, and it informs us how to get out of the storm. We’d love to have a data and analytics conversation with you. No matter where you are on your data journey, we can help you make sense of your most precious and, potentially, your most underutilised asset.

Achieving Data & Analytics Success

There are five areas that your business needs to focus on to become data-driven:


Who is responsible to lead this change?

Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officer

They are responsible to create the new experiences for their business.



They are living with the experiences and are trying to be the catalyst for change.



They are responsible to solve for the experience and drive improvement.

At Decision Inc. we specialise in changing your experience of decision making by:

  • Partnering with the Chief Data Officer to help them become the catalyst for the future
  • Working with business to create real progress and change their experience
  • Supporting IT with solutions and platforms that make the experience possible


Our key methodologies include:


Building intelligent platforms

Creating the platforms for scalable


Transforming business outcomes

Making it easier to make the right decision

Case study

A case study with a large manufacturing client

A global snacks manufacturer had recently acquired a major competitor. To keep track of both businesses they needed to develop an integrated Enterprise Analytics and Data Program. While this solution was being developed, they needed to continue to receive operational data with no downtime. The solution also needed to integrate with both businesses’ other systems and be able to scale for future growth. They needed to standardise common terms and leverage team efficiencies across both businesses to show value quickly.
Data Driven Business Case


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