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BI & Data Trends 2021: The Great Digital Switch

Top 10 trends for 2021

What are the top BI & Data trends for 2021 and how can these insights help your business respond to a more disruptive world? By gaining flexibility, agility and awareness that requires using data and analytics to uncover more of the unseen – and acting early enough to make an impact.

Ultimately, if you put the right processes into place, you can learn to thrive when others can’t. So how can you prepare for a world where disruptions are more common?

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The Great Digital Switch

Big, sustainable themes have come out of our annual trends reports, such as “data literacy,” “de-silofication of data,” “postmodern analytics,” and most recently, “analysis is no longer enough.” Last year, our argument was that in a fragmented world, you need synthesis AND analysis. If that’s in place, you can be more strategic, innovate and navigate the regulatory maze. We also said that approach “can factor in so called black swan events, which looks at unusual things that may happen, or tipping points, or changing circumstances in politics, economy, regulation, social circumstances, technology or environment.”

As it turns out, 2020 became that year and has prompted the imperative for immediate change.

Beyond the current Covid-19 crisis, we’re gleaning a future of bigger changes to data and analytics. In an interconnected world, the frequency and impact of major events that disrupt markets will likely increase. While you can’t predict when this will happen next, you can be prepared and even thrive on anomalies in a way the competition can’t. We call this the Great Digital Switch and it’s two-fold. To adapt in a volatile world, you must be able to “react” and “pre-act.”

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