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ABM Systems Team Member Profile: Kevin Connelly

Kevin has been with ABM for a year and a half and he’s become an integral part of our team. You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.

Kevin became interested in technology from a young age. His older brother was an outstanding java developer and was sponsored by Sun Microsystems. By the time Kevin started studying IT, he had a solid understanding of computers and how they worked. His interest expanded into Microsoft Excel and databases and as he grew up, his areas of study moved to Management, Arts and Psychology.

How did you start working in the Data Analytics game?

My initial interest was in stats and core analytical concepts, but I started working with data when I had the opportunity to work in the insurance industry. This exposed me to the world of actionable insights and process automation.

I worked in the insurance industry for 7 years, predominantly in Life and Income Protection, working on process improvement projects.

Following this exposure to technical risk management, I found I had a keen interest in tackling new and unique challenges, leading me into a National QA management role with Telstra SNP. This further exposed me to highly detailed datasets used in Quality Control, Auditing and even Tenders.

It was then that I met with the ABM team and began exploring some of the capabilities of the latest generation BI tools in enabling advanced analytics.

What technologies do you champion and why?

If I find a technology that works better than the rest, I will champion it.

My core tools were Microsoft Excel and Access. Working alongside analysts and strategists throughout my career, I was exposed to uncovering the benefits of analytics and identifying key risk indicators. This, in turn, led me to automation to improve efficiencies.

Despite being known as ‘The Excel Guy’, it wasn’t until I got into Qlik Sense development that I really understood the power of the latest generation of BI tools and Advanced Analytics. I vividly remember being in awe of the power of Qlik’s Geo-Analytics and the insights it delivers with very basic development. I compared this to the months of development needed for several advanced Excel users to achieve similar results in a project I had worked on the year prior.

Then I transitioned to Qlik Sense and have been a champion of this solution ever since. Using Qlik Sense made sense… excuse the bad pun.


What industries are you working with at ABM?

What I love at ABM is our exposure to so many different industries, where I have been involved in Retail, Accounting, Distribution, Quality Assurance, Governance, Superannuation and my first love, Insurance.


What benefits have you been able to bring organisations by giving them access to data insights?

The benefits I can deliver to our clients depends on the project and the industry they are in. I would say that the biggest and most common benefit is the enablement of efficiency to make quality decisions by using the existing data.

It is rewarding to be able to allow executives, management, analysts and administrative staff access to insights that improve their time to respond to market changes, make better-informed decisions faster and gain insights into otherwise unknown areas of their business.


What do you think is your greatest achievement at ABM Systems?

My most recent project with the NSW State Insurance Regulator (SIRA) has been the most satisfying to date.

We pioneered a Risk Indicator Activity Portal, enabling all 75 state insurance companies to understand their performance metrics, review scores, ratings and even allow them to review and audit how they were rated down to an individual claim or even an individual payment. It encompasses elements of guided and interactive analytics, detailed integration models and multi-factor security.

This large scale integration has been completed and it has already been earmarked by the industry council and their legal advisers as the best product to date. The ABM team has conducted spectacular and game-changing work on this project.


Where do you see yourself moving within ABM?

I have been involved in managing solo projects end to end at ABM. However, I have an avid interest in both developing and guiding other team members to undertake projects on a similar scale to the recent SIRA project.


What qualifications have you attained while working with us?

When I joined ABM Systems, I had completed basic Qlik Sense modules (fundamental-level exams), although I recently obtained my Qlik Sense Data Architect certification.


What are your hobbies or favourite haunts outside of work?

My favourite hobby would be team-based strategy games. I’ve been watching The International Dota 2 Championships recently, where a Melbournian, Anathan Pham, recently helped his team secure the largest slice of the over $50 million prize pool. Watching the players technical ability and awareness of the games variables is astounding. This love of gaming is really where my understanding of code began. I’ve tried my hand at a few different coding languages over time, although I’m waiting for the right project to get full use from some of them!

With a love for computers and different languages, I really enjoy using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software to strip back music to better understand it’s creation. Although I’m no Ryan Lewis, learning the intricacies of different songs and trying to create my ‘own flavour’ of music is easily at the top of my hobbies list. I love creating beats.

Kevin loves to code and create music. He is a hard-working member of the ABM Systems team and brings valuable skills, curiosity and insight to our clients and our projects. Connect with Kevin via LinkedIn.

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