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Right place, right time, right capacity.
CEO, Nick Bell, Decision inc.
16 March, 2021

Aiden Heke, Chief Executive Officer, Decision Inc. Australia

Dear Clients, Partners and Staff,

Friends ask me ‘how is the new role going?’. Typically, I have three responses.

‘I am leaping out of bed in the morning!’
‘Right place, right time, right capability’
‘Nothing I see scares me with the fundamentals of the business’

It is hard to believe I have just finished my first eight weeks with Decision Inc. Australia. Time has, in a rather cliched way, flown. The team have been incredibly welcoming, humouring me when I pepper them with questions, and endlessly patient when I ask for clarification on various elements of the business. Greg Clarke (former CEO) has moved into his new role as Chairman and we are working closely on the companies acquisition strategy.

Decision Inc. Australia did a good job of navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, not that we can declare victory just yet. The business is lean and focused as we approach quarter four and the end of financial year. As a consequence, we see greater resilience in the business and demand is quickly climbing for our consulting services.

This has led me to our first priority – our people. 

We have been working as a team on our Vision, Values, Purpose and Mission. More on the first three in my next update. Our short term Mission must be to focus on the business and win the talent challenge. I use the word challenge deliberately, and not war because the industry should be working together to solve the skills scarcity challenge in Australia. We need to be approaching skills and capability transformation as a top imperative for the Australian economy. Having enough skilled consulting and technology professionals  for the  economy to thrive is everyone’s responsibility and even the largest of companies continue to struggle on the practicalities of this issue. It’s a classic short versus long term trade-off.

What you will see from Decision Inc. Australia is a regular stream of certification and qualification achievements from our team as we invest heavily in their education, skills and future prospects. You will see us hire candidates because of their attributes and alignment with our way of working. We firmly believe additional technical skills can be taught but attitude is the secret sauce to client, team and partner engagement and collaboration.

Our second priority is client alignment.

Decision Inc. Australia is fortunate, with a deep and wide client list spanning many loyal years and multiple industry sectors. Over time our capabilities have concentrated on our clients most significant issues and opportunities. In a world of ever-increasing commoditised technology services, we believe Industry Experience is vital to help our clients succeed. We are a focused team and have reorganised ourselves across four sectors to better bring these capabilities to bear;

    • Insurance
    • Government
    • Financial Services Industry (FSI)
    • Retail/Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

We appreciate these are still very large sectors, however over the next quarter, you will see us talk to industry-aligned accelerators of value. Our goal is to help our clients move their businesses forward by unlocking the value of data faster than their competitors.

You will see us offering our Data and Analytics Transformation services, helping clients baseline the data landscape, define strategy, assess business capability, support change activity, define platforms and help deliver change.

Our third priority is our capabilities underpinning the industry go-to-market.

As of today, we have great Data, Intelligence and Analytics capabilities, locally and globally. This is growing rapidly to maintain pace with ever-increasing demand. We have an excellent team of Finance, Planning and Analytics consultants and they are assessing the capabilities we require for the future. In addition, we are bringing our Intelligent Operations alive in Australia with a number of exciting opportunities, and capability spanning our global teams.

In my next update, I will share the work we are doing on Vision, Values and Purpose. I will talk about our partners and how we see Decision Inc. Australia evolving with their support. Should you have any questions, please contact my office.

Kind regards,

Aiden Heke
CEO Australia
Decision Inc. Australia

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